UVSA Tet Festival

Graphic Design, Team Leader, Marketing
Overview & Challenges
UVSA Tet Festival is considered to be one of the largest Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebrations that occurs in the United States. It is held every year during or around the weekend of Tet located at the OC Fair and Event Center. UVSA also collaborates with other local events and organizations such as MainPlace Mall and the Anaheim Ducks/Honda Center to promote Vietnamese culture and help them celebrate Tet.

Overview on my time as a graphic designer for UVSA Tet Festival (2020 and 2022) for the Marketing Committee which included developing the branding, create social media posts, and helped create procedures to help  future graphic designers.

The most significant challenge for this event was to create a design direction and processes that would work for both experienced and inexperienced graphic designers since the team is usually a mix of people that have various levels of experience and interest.
My Contributions
Helped train the graphic designers that were new to designing professionally. Some projects involved creating graphics for social media posts, flyers, posters, and other materials for events. As a lead for the graphics team, I also communicated with other committees as necessary and delegated projects to the team.

In 2020 with the collaboration with the marketing directors, I contributed to a streamlined process for future graphic designers that would decrease the amount of communication needed through a project request system. I was also responsible for designing the billboard based on the layout and colors that UVSA wanted as the organization wanted to follow strict design direction for that year.

In 2022, I designed most of the graphics that was used with our collaboration and sponsorship with the Anaheim Ducks. One of the notable graphics I did was shown on the jumbotron at the Honda Center during a Ducks game when UVSA was there to showcase Vietnamese culture and Tet to their audience. The goal was to improve engagement with the Asian American community with the Ducks while UVSA got exposure to their event.
UVSA Tet Festival
Graphics Lead
July 2019 - April 2020
Lead Graphic Designer
September 2021 - February 2023
Chosen to be the lead graphic designer for UVSA Tet Festival 2020 for the marketing team. Responsibilities include designing original artwork for the Tet Festival, attend/takeover meetings when needed, coordinate/organize projects to all the graphic designers, and help with anything the design team needs. Attend key meetings for other committees to gain insight on potential visual solutions for those committees.

Skills used: Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom), Layout Design, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Ads), Online Ads (Website, Facebook, Instagram), Print (Posters, Flyers, Billboards), Event Design, Project Management, Creative Direction, Team Leadership

High Exposure Graphics

2022 COVID-19 Posts

2020 Countdown Posts

Entertainment Grand Concert & LUNAR (Youth Night) Poster and Social Media Posts

These designs were created to advertise major entertainment events that UVSA Tet Festival committees have planned.

Sample of square social media post advertising the Grand Concert at UVSA Tet Festival 2023. There is a collection of photos of the performers in the middle.Sample of square social media post advertising the major entertainment events happening at UVSA Tet Festival 2023. There is a collection of photos of the performers in the middle with photos of the MVSC pageant contestants lined up under them.

Minh Tuyet Special Performance Announcement

The Minh Tuyet special performance announcement post was unique in that she had to be scheduled on a different date from the other concerts, so we had to make a post that followed the style that we were going with for 2023 as well as create something that would be good for Minh Tuyet to show off to her fans that she will be performing and at what time. Minh Tuyet is a Vietnamese-American pop signer and is known as the Vietnamese Pop Princess.

Social media post advertising the Minh Tuyet special performance that happened at UVSA Tet Festival 2023.