UVSA Summit 2021 Facebook event cover.

UVSA Summit 2021:
A New Chapter in Bloom

Graphic Designer for Marketing & Media Committee
Overview & Challenges
Overview on my time as a graphic designer for UVSA Summit 2021 for the Marketing & Media Committee which included developing the branding, create social media posts, establish templates for Google Slides and Zoom backgrounds.

The main challenge for this event was that this was the first out of the few summit events that UVSA has hosted for this region. I had to solve the problem of how a "UVSA Summit" should look like and how to make it so that future summits and their themes could fit into this framework if people in the future decided to use parts of what we are doing.
My Contributions
I developed all of the branding which included the logo, fonts, colors, art style, icons, and art direction. I helped train the other graphic designer that was new to designing professionally. Some projects involved creating graphics for social media posts, Zoom backgrounds, Google Slides templates, t-shirt design, and helped with the live Instagram Story posting during the event. I also provided the branding and design input that was needed in the marketing strategy such as how we should format what was shown on social media to connect to our audience.

The logo was created with modularity in mind. The book and lotus part of the logo can be replaced to fit with the new theme that UVSA chooses for future UVSA Summit events. The decorative artwork will also change with the new theme too.
UVSA Summit 2021
Graphic Designer
November 2020 - May 2021
One of the two graphic designers for UVSA Summit 2021 (Marketing and Media Committee), a nonprofit event to promote growth for the next leaders both inside and outside the Vietnamese community. Create graphics to help advertise the event and in-house materials to be used by various staff and volunteers. Establish branding and visual style for the 2021 event. First summit event in years for UVSA, so everything was built and developed from nothing.

Skills used: Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom), Social Media (Instagram, Facebook), Google Slides (Templates, Style Guide for Presenters), Zoom Backgrounds, Icon Designs, Logo Design
The first/cover slide of the Family Programming Instagram post made to draw in attention for those curious as to how the family programming will be like during the summit.

Family Programming Slideshow Post

Google Slides guide for those that are planning on using UVSA Summit 2021 branding for their presentations.Various icons and decorative assets I made for UVSA Summit 2021.