Daily Titan Advertising

Graphic Design
Work Overview & Challenges
These are the projects I did when I was Senior Graphic Designer for the Daily Titan Advertising office. I was one of two graphic designers for the publication and we collaborated on various projects as well as some independent projects.

The main challenge our graphic design team of two faced was the lack of resources. The Daily Titan is independent from the school, so that our journalists are able to publish stories that no organization will have any influence over. As a result of our independence, everything we did required a lot of careful planning and often times creative solutions.
My Contributions
During my time at the Daily Titan in their Advertising office, I helped refresh a lot of the visuals that the Daily Titan. The publication was starting the process of an overhaul of their branding when both of the graphic designers joined back in 2017. This resulted in us collaborating to recreate the media kit into something that would push our ad sales to the next level. One of the major changes was to reduce the media kit size to 6x9 inches instead of 8.5x11 inches. I realized when going through old media kits that the size was one of the major things that did not contribute to the experience, so changed it to a more consumable size. We also redesigned the style to something that fit the art direction that we were going with which was more minimalistic.

Some other projects I worked on included: custom ad designs for clients that request it, posters, newspaper distribution cart decals, logo refresh/redesign, in-house ads, newspaper leisure page layout redesign, canopy, business cards, helped refine sales-design-editorial process, and assisted with some ad strategies for clients and the Daily Titan.
View of DT Fest from a balcony showing all the vendors with the Daily Titan table and canopies at the front.
Daily Titan Advertising
Senior Graphic Designer
August 2017 - January 2019
Promoted from Graphic Designer to Senior Graphic Designer on January 2018. Worked at the Daily Titan since August 2017.

Work includes: logo redesign, design newsstand posters/billboards, business cards, ad design services for clients, approving content of ads, coordinate with editorial and layout editors, design in-house PSA ads, create official forms/contracts, place ads on daily newspaper and maintain leisure page, and collaborate with other graphic designer for various designs/projects such as special issue/edition newspaper covers and media kit.

This office operated as an in-house advertising agency for the Daily Titan publication.

Skills used: Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom), Photography, Print Design (Newspaper Ads, Newsstand and News Bin Billboards, Flyers, Posters, Media Kit), Digital Design (Website Ads, Social Media Ads), Social Media Strategy, Advertising Campaigns, Special Edition Covers (Photographic, Illustrative)
Daily Titan Advertising media kit 2018-2019 cover with blue background.

DT Ads Media Kit 2018-2019

Photo of the DT cart diagonally from the front showing the decals I designed.Photo of the DT cart diagonally from the back showing the decals I designed.Collage of three ad formats that were used in the newspaper to advertise DT Fest that I designed.